The best guide for choosing the size of your car speakers

When you search online for car speakers you need to read as much as possible before you decide what to buy. You are not capable to listen to every speaker but you should make an idea on how to choose the best car speaker. Knowing what specifications to look at a speaker is important and here at BuzzStereo we know that tech talk is not always that great when you only want is to replace your existing car audio system.

The size of the speaker is one of the things you should look for before buying a car speaker but many people buy wrong speakers with the wrong size for their car. Since you’ve searched about how to choose the size of your speakers then we must write a good guide for you on how to choose the right car speaker size.

What does car speaker size means? 

When we write our reviews for the speakers we use a ton of sources to make sure that our information is correct. You should always measure your car holes before deciding what speakers you should buy. For, example two 6×9 speakers like Rockford Fosgate P1694 and Pioneer TS-A6996R may not have the same size even though both have 6×9 inch holes. Measure your car holes before you buy a speaker.

Popular Car Speaker Sizes

Now that you’ve checked and measured your car holes it’s time to choose a speaker from the many car speakers available on the market. Below we’ve tried to classify all popular car speakers.

6×8 Car Speakers

This category of speakers still amazes users because of their outstanding features and amazing performance. The 6×8 speakers are installed mainly in the front car doors. Some great examples for 6×8 speakers are the Kenwood KFC-6895PS or the New Rockford Fosgate P1683 which are considered to be great speakers. You will not regret it if you choose to install aftermarket 6×8 car speakers into your car audio system because you will have a better sound in your music. If you love powerful bass then choosing one of the best 6×8 car speakers is a smart decision.

6.5 Car Speakers

These speakers have the best size for users that wish to upgrade their factory system with a pair of speakers that deliver high-quality sound. The best 6.5 car speakers offer great sound and great bass. When you listen to music into your car you will often find yourself turning the volume up and enjoying the music you love. Factory speakers when turning the volume loud tends to distort the music that’s why it’s a good idea to upgrade them. With a 6.5 car speaker, you can be sure that you have stronger bass and a clearer sound.

6×9 Car Speakers

Many users choose to buy 6×9 speakers because of their performance across all sound frequencies in the sound spectrum. They are also known as the all in one speaker solution. These usually have a powerful bass and can handle higher frequencies. The newer models available have an inbuilt tweeter which increases the ability to produce a more precise sound. If you want to have a great sound without having to install a subwoofer then buying a 6×9 pair of speakers is the best choice. They are not that big but you have to measure your car holes before you buy them.

4×6 Car Speakers

If you decide to install 4×6 car speakers in your car know that it’s a smart move. If you need to add some bass to your tunes then you need a speaker that it’s both small and not too expensive. A 4×6 speaker has a small woofer cone and these usually don’t give a strong bass. If you want to add a strong bass we recommend that you buy a subwoofer along with the speakers.

 5.25 Car Speakers

The 5.25 car speakers are usually installed in the back doors. These deliver a wide range of sound are perfect for supporting bigger speakers. We tried to review the best 5.25 car speakers on the market. These are great because they are not that big and will boost your stereo performance.

5×7 Car Speakers

These are the bigger brother of the 5.25 speakers. These are slightly bigger and they can handle the same frequencies. Most 5×7 speakers come with specific ports which is great because you can install them easily but bad because if you can’t adapt them you will not be able to install them into your car. Adding these speakers will give your audio system a great experience of sound. Search for the best 5×7 car speakers and enjoy the quality you deserve.

The speakers listed above are the most popular ones on the market. If you are a car speaker enthusiast you surely heard about tweeter, woofers, component, and coaxial speakers.