Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers In 2020

Now that the summer is here a good way to relax from the heat is by sailing with your friends and listening to good music. Having good music and sailing go hand in hand. Even so, good music can’t be heard from cheap speakers that’s why you should have a good system installed.  A great way to do it is by taking the time to check what are the best wakeboard tower speakers available on the market.  On our site, we have reviewed some of the best marine speakers of different sizes.  Without further ado let’s see what are the best wakeboard tower speakers.

Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers Reviews

Boss Audio MRWT40

The Boss Audio company is not as popular as other brands but they have a reputation for building quality speakers. The MRWT40 is pair of speakers with a modern design and can deliver great power for its size. These 4 inch speakers prove that small speakers are able to deliver powerful sound. The Boss Audio MRWT40 deliver 100 watts RMS power with 94 dB sensitivity. The speakers will sound great even running of your stock headunit but will sound even better if you connect them to an external amp. These were designed to withstand harsh conditions and are made from durable yet lightweight polypropylene cones supported by rubber surround with UV resistant baskets. These are the ideal speakers for golf carts, ATVs and boats. If you have the money and want something elegant for your boat these wakeboard tower speakers are a great option to consider.

Rockford Fosgate M282B

If you’re looking for a pair of speakers to buy for your boat that look and sound great try the Rockford Fosgate M282B. These speakers have a higher price than other brands. These wakeboard tower speakers are extremely expensive but are they worth the price? Serious audiophiles know that Rockford Fosgate is a trusted company in the car audio industry. The M282B are equipped with 8 inch drivers, marine grade enclosures and cutting edge technology for delivering a clear sound.  The high density polyethylene sealed enclosures protect the speakers. These are UV resistant for outdoor use. These deliver 100 watts RMS power with 200 watts peak power, 90 dB sensitivity and 48Hz-22kHz. These speakers sound awesome themselves but for  beefy lows you can hook them to a decent marine subwoofer.

Polk Audio DB692

The Polk Audio DB692 is a pair of speakers from a company that has been on the market for 3 decades. The Polk Audio speakers are preferred by a lot of people thanks to their quality build. These speakers are have IP55 rating and have marine certification. The speakers are protected by black aluminum wakeboard tower enclosures that are built from aircraft grade aluminum. They have universal mounting clamps made from 6061 aluminum and the enclosure is 100% waterproof. These are 3 way speakers designed to deliver stellar performance by polypropylene woofer cones, silk dome tweeters. The Polk Audio DB692 speakers deliver 150 watts RMS power, 450 watts peak power and a frequency response 30Hz-22kHz and 93 dB sensitivity. We included these in your best wakeboard tower speakers because they have some great specs and marine certification.

Pyle PLMRW65

In the car audio industry Pyle is a company that makes quality audio components at affordable prices and their wakeboard tower speakers have exceptional quality. The Pyle PLMRW65 has IP44 rating and are protected by heavy duty plastic cabinets to protect them from any water plash. These come equipped with poly mica woofer cones supported by butyl rubber surround. They can deliver 100 watts RMS power with a frequency response of 70Hz-20kHz. They have a modern design with white/black finish which looks great in any boat.

Rockville RWB65B

For some people Rockville is a new entry company but it has been founded in 2012 and ever since their reputation is starting to rise because they make reasonably priced speakers. The Rockville RWB65B wakeboard tower speakers are designed to offer awesome performance for ATVs and boats. These use 6.5 polypropylene mica injected cone supported by Santoprene surround and 1 inch polymide dome neodymium midrange tweeters which deliver 300 watts. These speakers deliver 96 dB sensitivity rating and 70Hz-20kHz. They will sound great with your stock headunit but for optimal performance you need to connect an external amp. They are marine certified meaning they are rustproof , water and rust resistant.


A brand that we haven’t really talked much on our website but it is worth mentioned is the DTI DSWT65 which is a really great pair of wakeboard tower speakers. The DSWT65 comes equipped with Poly Mica woofer cones supported by butyl rubber surround and 6.5 Polymide dome tweeters protected by a heavy duty enclosure which is waterproof. If you want awesome performance and crystal clear sound quality you need to own the DTI DSWT65 speakers.  These are able to deliver 280 watts RMS power and 70Hz-20kHz frequency response which is enough to deliver awesome sound without distortion. The bass is also great considering these are 6.5 speakers. If you feel that these aren’t enough for your taste you may also add a powerful marine subwoofer and also they have adjustable mounting brackets for easy mounting.

Lanzar AQWB69W

The Lanzar AQWB69W is one of the best wakeboard tower speakers that money can buy. Most people that buy a pair of marine speakers will prefer these because it’s all that they need.  These 4 way speakers come equipped with polypropylene cones, dome tweeters and sub tweeters which are protected by waterproof enclosures.  The Lanzar AQWB69W speakers are able to deliver an RMS power of 150 watts and 300 watts peak power with 60 Hz-20kHz frequency response and 93 dB sensitivity rating which are able to deliver quality sound. These speakers offer excellent specs for the money they have a powerful sound and great bass.