The Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Speakers For You

Modern speakers have wireless technology that makes it easy to listen to music to and from any device.  The wireless technology has evolved over the years and has reached a point where it is 100% safe without any downsides. Thanks to the wireless technology you can now mount speakers on your bike or on your motorcycle.  Get yourself a pair of motorcycle Bluetooth speakers and enjoy your favorite music on the road. Next, we will try to review some of the best motorcycle Bluetooth speakers based on your budget and needs.

You may ask how good does a speaker like this sounds? Well, this is no easy question to answer because if you only listened to music in your headphones then after you mount these on your motorcycle then you will have a different experience.  But if you are a serious audiophile that invests some money on his equipment than you will probably want to get yourself a pair of the best motorcycle Bluetooth speakers.

Best Motorcycle Bluetooth speakers reviews

We have tried to review these speakers based on their sound quality, features, functionality, and their ability to build and keep a wireless connection.  You will need to figure out what design you want for your speakers yourself.


Many people know that LEXIN is a new company in the audio industry but thanks to their quality products it has quickly become a reputable competitor. The LEXIN LX-S3 is a great speaker that for its price offers a lot of features. These speakers have a bullet shape and a bar mount system with weatherproof and chrome plate finish. These come with bluetooth 4.0 connectivity to connect them any device. These also have a 3.5 mm aux input, USB port and built in radio tuner. The built in amplifier that comes with the speakers is able to deliver a peak power of 100 watts. The speakers also have a large knob for on/off, volume adjust and to switch between modes. Also two large buttons for FM radio and songs control. You can press with your gloves on because these are large enough. The installation is very easy all you have to do is mount the speakers on the handlebar and connect the wires to the battery. You can check out these best Bluetooth motorcycle speakers.

Kuryakyn 2720 Road Thunder 

The name Kuryakyn is well known in the industry of motorcycle aftermarket parts and accessories. The company has been created in the 90’ and you can bet that they know a lot about motorcycles. On the best motorcycle Bluetooth speakers from Kuryakyn is the 2720 Road Thunder. The speakers have a shape of a tank and they have a great mounting handlebar system. The Kuryakyn Road Thunder comes equipped with 4.1 bluetooth connectivity with NFC pairing, 3.5 mm aux input in case you want to connect to external devices and a USB port for charging. The aux output lets you connect a sub, external amp for a better sound. Consider its size this speaker is pretty loud but one thing that lacks is the bass. The sound is delivered thanks to the silk dome tweeters with high grade magnets and the dual full range speakers which are powered by 4 channel amp. This is protected by a rugged and weather resistant shell with IP66 rating. One thing that this speaker is not preferred by many is the fact that it’s expensive.

JBL Cruise

 In the audio industry the name JBL is very well known for their quality products. The company was founded in 1946 by James Bullough Lansing and through the years it has produced everything from quality headphones to high end car speakers. The quality of its audio products it is legendary.  The JBL Cruise is one of the best bluetooth motorcycle speakers that has a versatile mounting system and can be attached to any motorcycle, ATV or scooter. It also looks great and deliver quality sound. A weather resistant pod use a JBL speaker which is powered by a 20 watts amplifier. It comes with 3.0 bluetooth connectivity and a 5V USB port to charge your smartphone while you ride your motorcycle.  These are IPX5 and come with large buttons for on/off and volume adjust.

Boss Audio MC470B

The Boss Audio is a company well known for their budget products with great quality. Many people prefer their affordable speakers with various setups and the motorcycle Bluetooth speakers from them make no exception. The Boss Audio MC470B is a pair of motorcycle speakers  perfect for you. Boss Audio has tried to design speakers for ATVs, scooters and motorcycles. They are designed to withstand the harshest conditions. They are capable of delivering 600 watts peak power with a frequency response of 80Hz-15kHz. These also come with 3.5 mm input.

GoHawk TJ4-Q

The GoHawk TJ4-Q is a 4 speaker system ready to be mounted on your motorcycle. The system is made from 4 speakers that are powered by a 4 channel amplifier that delivers 60 watts RMS power. The speakers sound great at high volume levels and they are designed to withstand the harshest conditions and the IP56 for dust resistance. These have Bluetooth connectivity with FM radio, USB and a 3.5 mm aux input. The wired remote control lets you control the volume and the on/off.  These have 80dB sensitivity with 20Hz-20kHz frequency response.