11 Best Loudest Marine Speakers Reviews

Listening to music when you sail is great, but to do so you will have to install a good audio system in your boat. An awesome boat audio system can make your music sound outstanding and make you feel like you are in a different universe.  There are different ways to improve the quality of your audio system but the most popular one is adding a pair of aftermarket speakers which is at the same time affordable and effective. Searching for the best marine speaker doesn’t have to be a daunting task because if you find the best deals all the research hours will be worth it. It this guide we’ve reviewed some of the loudest marine speakers that you can buy.

Loudest Marine Speakers Reviews

Polk Audio DB652

Next on our list is the Polk Audio DB652. The Polk Audio is a brand that is very popular in the car audio market, they have a reputation for making quality speakers for diverse requests. The Polk Audio DB652 is a pair of speakers that have IP55 and are marine certified and also they provide awesome performance for their price. These are 2 way speakers that have polypropylene woofer cones supported by rubber surround. The silk dome tweeters deliver clear highs and the built in crossover helps the highs and the lows. These speakers can deliver an RMS power of 100 watts , 92 dB sensitivity rating and 40Hz-22kHz frequency response.  With these specs these are the loudest marine speakers on the market.

Kicker 45KM654

When you buy a product from Kicker you know it is good. This is a serious audiophile brand which over the years has made a name of itself in the car audio industry.  The Kicker products seem to be well liked by many audiophiles thanks to their awesome quality. One great speakers from Kicker is the KM654LCW which has a built in multi colored LED lighting which makes it different from other brands. You can change the colors with the remote control to match your mood. These come equipped with rubber surround, sealed motors to protect the internal components these speakers are ready to rock your world. The UV-treated polypropylene woofers supported by Santoprene rubber surround and the balanced dome tweeters deliver awesome highs. These speakers deliver 65 watts RMS power and 195 watts peak power, 35Hz-21kHz and 90 dB sensitivity rating. With these specs you can guess that these are some of the loudest marine speakers for you to buy.

Kenwood KFC-1653MRW

In the car audio industry the Kenwood company is one of the top rated brands. The company was created in 1946 and since then it has produced everything from high-end speakers to subwoofers. Some of the loudest marine speakers that Kenwood has to offer is the KFC-1653MRW. These speakers have a great design and an affordable price. These speakers were designed to enhance your audio system with quality sound. These come equipped with balanced dome tweeters with UV-resistant grilles and waterproof polypropylene cone supported by durable rubber surround. These have a composite speaker basket and a stainless steel hardware designed specially to last many years. With an RMS power of 50 watts, 150 watts peak power and a frequency range of 60Hz-20kHz they are loud enough.

Pioneer TS-MR1640

Some of the loudest marine speakers from Pioneer is the TS-MR1640. These speakers maintain the superb quality that Pioneer has produced over the years. These speakers are designed to be the perfect companion for your boat because they are made to give optimal performance in though marine environment. They come equipped with 6.5 water resistant injection molded polypropylene woofer cones backed by rubber surround. The TS-MR1640 is capable of delivering 30 watts RMS power with 91 dB sensitivity and 30H-30kHz frequency response.

JBL MS 9520

The JBL company has been in the audio space for some time now and has mastered the art of making top quality car speakers. For our marine speakers from JBL we have chosen the JBL MS9520. These speakers come equipped with waterproof motor structures, polymer basket and durable rubber surround. These also have a oversized Plus One polypropylene cone for increased sensitivity and awesome performance for loud and clear sound. For great sound in upper frequencies the speakers come equipped with grille mounted balanced dome tweeters. These speakers have some really great specifications like 100 watts RMS power and 300 watts peak power, 92 dB sensitivity rating and 37Hz-20kHz frequency response.

Dual Electronics DMS369

It’s true that some speakers in our list are a bit expensive but they are worth the price. However if you only need a pair of 6×9 marine speakers that sound great and won’t break the bank, the Dual Electronics DMS369 are your best choice. Because these are 3 way speakers they have additional piezo dome tweeters alongside the Mylar dome tweeters and weather resistant injection molded woofer cones. These can deliver 50 watts RMS power and 200 watts peak power with 42Hz-17kHz frequency response and 89 dB sensitivity rating.

Boss Audio Systems MR690

If you have a fixed budget but want to have a pair of the loudest marine speakers checkout the BOSS Audio Systems MR690 speakers.  These are affordable speakers that will give you a lot for their price. If you are a serious audiophile these speakers aren’t for you because these are not going to deliver powerful bass with quality highs.  However these will still be a good option for you.  Honestly speaking the BOSS MR690 are a serious upgrade over factory speakers. These come equipped with mylar dome tweeters, polypropylene woofer cones supported by treated cloth surround. These can deliver an RMS power of 175 watts, 350 watts peak power with a frequency rage 60Hz-20kHz and 92 dB sensitivity rating.

Polk Audio DB692

If you ever owned speakers from Polk Audio you’ve sure noticed that their quality is awesome, sure their prices are a bit higher than competitors but their quality makes them worth the money. One pair of high end speakers is the Polk Audio DB692. These speakers deliver an RMS power of 150 watts with 450 watts peak power, 93 dB sensitivity rating and 30Hz-22kHz. The speakers are equipped with polypropylene woofers supported by rubber surround and silk dome tweeters. These are 3 way speakers which means they have extra super tweeters for higher frequency details. The Polk Audio DB692 are IP55 marine certified.

BOSS Audio Systems MRWT40

The speakers from BOSS Audio have affordable prices and quality specifications. They have a wide variety of speakers to choose from. These wakeboard tower speakers are perfect for you. These speakers are small but can deliver outstanding sound for their size. You can use these speakers in cars, ATVs, boats etc. They come equipped with polypropylene cones backed by rubber surround.  The UV-resistant baskets protect the internal components. The weatherproof ABS enclosures have integrated mounting brackets. The MRWT50 have an RMS power of 100 watts ,200 watts peak power and 94dB sensitivity rating.

Pyle PLMRW65

The Pyle company has been founded 6 decades ago and ever since has tried to produce quality audio products. Over the years the company has tried to make affordable car speakers for everyone. Find out if these loudest marine speakers from Pyle are worth the money. These are 6.5 speakers which have an elegant design ready to be mounted. They come with IP44 rating which makes them certified for water splashing. They deliver an RMS power of 200 watts and 400 watts peak power, Butyl surround and poly mica woofer cone. They boast a frequency response of 70Hz-20.000 Hz.


The DTI DSWT65 is a serious upgrade over your stock speakers and for some people these remain some of the loudest marine speakers for the money. For people that are not that picky with their sound these speakers will be everything they need. These deliver 100 watts RMS power and 280 watts peak power, thanks to their size the DTI DSWT65 speakers deliver impressive performance and sound through the audio spectrum. They come equipped with polyamide dome tweeters and poly mica woofers backed by butyl rubber surround. They are protected by heavy duty molded enclosures. If you are looking for speakers that sound great for the money consider buying the DTI DSWT65 speakers.

Finding the loudest marine speakers for your boat doesn’t have to be a difficult job. It’s true that on the market there are many speakers to choose from.  With this article we tried to compile a list of speakers that we think are the best for your needs. These speakers are not by any means the best, there is a wide variety of boat speakers that you can choose from, but it’s too much info to cover in this article. But we wanted to give you a quick guide for a few solid option. We hope that in this article you will find something that work for you.