10 Best Hertz Speakers Reviews

Hertz is a very well known company in the audio industry. The is an Italian company which was founded in 1998 and ever since it has created quality car audio products. This company has produced some of the best car audio components like quality subwoofers and amplifiers to home audio systems. The products from Hertz are made with premium quality in mind and the same goes for their best car speakers on the market.  If you’re willing to spend some serious money on premium sound quality Hertz speakers are the way to go.

Hertz Speakers Reviews

Hertz DCX 165.3

The Hertz DCX 165.3 might be an accessible option for anyone that wants a quality speaker. It is a popular speaker in the car audio market. These come equipped with 6.5 treated paper woofers supported by polyurethane surround and PEI dome tweeters. These can deliver up to 60 watts or RMS power, 120 watts peak power and 60Hz-21kHz frequency response. Because they have a sensitivity rating of 93 dB they will sound awesome even running of your factory headunit, but if you want to get the most out of them you should hook a powerful amp.

Hertz ESK-165.5

There comes a time when you want to leave the cheap speakers and buy some that offer outstanding sound quality and the best performance. And that’s why Hertz ESK-165.5 is a popular choice. The Hertz ESK-165.5 speakers use quality components for outstanding performance. These premium speakers come equipped with neodymium dome tweeters, water repellent treated cone supported by butyl rubber surround and CX 200.5 crossover at 3kHz-6/12 dB which together deliver awesome sound quality. The Hertz ESK-165.5 speakers deliver 100 watts RMS power, 300 watts peak power, 93.5 dB sensitivity rating with 60Hz-23kHz frequency response.  Know that for the awesome sound quality the Hertz ESK-165.5 offers is not cheap.

Hertz Dieci DSK 165.3

Some of the most popular car speakers from Hertz are the Hertz Dieci DSK 165.3. These 6.5 component speakers aren’t that expensive compared to other speakers but offer great quality for the money. These speakers were designed to take your sound to a whole new level and that is possible with their 6.5 treated paper woofers supported by polyurethane surround and the 24 mm separate PEI dome tweeters with external crossovers for a better sound imaging. These are capable of delivering 80 watts RMS power with 160 watts peak power, 50 Hz-23kHz frequency response and 92 db sensitivity rating. These speakers are powerful enough but if you want more power you can pair them with a high end subwoofer.

Hertz MPX 165.3 PRO

The Hertz MPX 165.3 PRO is a popular pair of 6.5 coaxial speakers that are expensive. These speakers were designed with the best quality and performance in mind. If you want premium sound you should try these. The Hertz MPX 165.3 PRO is equipped with 1 inch Tetolon fiber dome tweeters. The design of the speakers is highly appreciated by home audio audiophiles. They can deliver 100 watts RMS power, 200 watts peak power and 45 Hz-21kHz frequency response with 93 dB sensitivity. These speakers will sound great running of your car stereo but if you want to see what they are capable of you will connect them to an external amp. It’s true that these speakers are expensive but if you can afford to pay for them you will experience and outstanding sound experience.

Hertz K165

The K165 is one of the best 6.5 component speakers in this price category beating speakers having higher prices. These come equipped with pressed paper woofer cones supported by foam surround and PEI dome tweeters with integrated crossovers.  They deliver a strong bass with 75 watts RMS power, 300 watts peak power a frequency response of 55 Hz-23kHz and a sensitivity rating of 93.5dB.

Hertz MPK 165.3

Another popular option from Hertz is the MPK 165.3 which offer great specs and awesome performance. These popular component speakers use Tetolon dome tweeters and have included mounting brackets for a flush mounting.  The built in tweeter level control comes handy when adjusting the highs to match the sound system. The ‘’Boundary Free’ rubber surround with cotton fiber woofer cones help the air to move with accuracy. The Hertz MPK 16.3 is capable of delivering 110 watts RMS power, 220 watts peak power with a frequency response of 40-22.5kHz and 92 dB sensitivity rating.

Hertz DCX 690.3

These speakers have a reasonable price with awesome specs and great performance. Take your sound to a whole new level with these affordable speakers. These speakers have a 3 way design with pressed paper woofers supported by polyurethane surround and treated paper midrange with PEI dome tweeters. These deliver 90 watts RMS power with 93 dB sensitivity rating and 45Hz-22kHz. The sound these speakers deliver is great and stays lean even at high volume with any distortion.

Hertz CPX 690 PRO

The Hertz CPX 690 PRO is a high quality pair of speakers that cost a lot. So if you can afford a pair of speakers that cost an arm and a leg you should check these out.  These speakers use pressed paper woofers supported by butyl rubber surround, Tetolon fiber dome tweeters and super tweeters for crisp highs. The Hertz CPX 690 PRO deliver 120 watts RMS power, 94 dB sensitivity rating and 35-24kHz frequency response. For overheating these speakers use a system to dissipates the heat away from the components which help the speakers to deliver optimal performance.

Hertz X 690

The Hertz X690 is a pair of speakers that is designed for people with limited budget. These cheap speakers have a 4 way design with pressed paper woofers supported by foam surround, PEI dome tweeters and two super tweeters for great highs. The X 690 speakers is capable of deliver 85 watts RMS power and 340 watts peak power with 94db sensitivity and 40Hz-22kHz frequency response.  Their RMS power is enough for powerful bass with clear highs even at high volume. These are efficient speakers that will work great even with your stock headunit but if you want the best performance you should hook them to an amp.

Hertz MPX690.3

The Hertz MPX690.3 is a high end pair of 6×9 speakers that is designed for serious audiophiles. Because these are 3 way speakers they use a super tweeter for a wider frequency response and they also come equipped with Tetolon dome tweeters and pressed pulp cotton fiber woofer supported by Boundary free rubber surround. The MPX690.3 can deliver up to 130 watts RMS power and 260 watts peak power, 94 dB sensitivity and 30Hz-24kHz frequency response. Thanks to their 30Hz frequency response the sound will have a powerful bass.