Top 9 Best Alpine Speakers

The Alpine company is a pretty well known name in the audio industry. It has produced audio equipment for more than 5 decades.  The company is founded in 1946 in Japan and since then has designed and produced everything from car audio speakers to home systems. Through the years the company has tried to maintain a high level of quality for its products that’s why many people are looking for Alpine products. Whether you are searching for a pair of high end speakers or low cost speakers, component speakers or full range Alpine has everything you need. Like many brands, Alpine has affordable products and expensive products and the rule of thumb is the more you spend the more quality you get. On the market you can find many car speakers from Alpine and you probably think which one to buy, well we did the research for you and we made a list of our recommendations for the best Alpine speakers.

Alpine Series Of Speakers

On today’s market, you can choose from a wide variety of car speakers from different manufacturers.  People are always trying to improve their sound quality with different types of speakers and manufacturers have understood that they need to offer different types of car speakers at different prices.  Alpine has some series of speakers ranging from $50 to $500 or more.  The Alpine categories of speakers are: E-series, S-series, R-series, X-series.


The speakers in this category have an affordable price and offer average sound quality.  These are meant for people that have a limited budget but a are looking for a cheap replacement for their factory speakers.  These only have coaxial configuration and they come in 6×9, 6-1/2 and 5-1/4 sizes.


The speakers in this category have affordable prices with great sound quality. The S-series speakers have a better build quality, performance than E-series entry level speakers. The speakers in this category are popular because they offer outstanding sound without costing a lot.


The speakers in this category offer great specs at great price. Their price is not cheap and not expensive. These are a bit pricier than S-series speakers but also offer a better build quality and performance.


These are the premium speakers from Alpine and are meant for serious audiophiles. These are the speakers that every audio enthusiast is searching however these are also expensive.

Alpine SPE-6090

If you have a tight budget and you want to buy yourself a pair of affordable 6×9 speakers to upgrade your factory speakers then you should consider the Alpine SPE-6090. These aren’t the best speakers from Alpine usually they have an affordable price. These speakers come equipped with mica injected polypropylene woofer cones backed by rubber surround to deliver decent bass. These can deliver and 75 watts RMS power and 300 watts peak power, 91 dB sensitivity rating, 65Hz-18kHz. These will deliver great sound even with your stock radio unit but if you want some serious volume and sound quality you should buy an aftermarket stereo.  If your budget is limited and don’t want to spend a lot of money then you should consider buying these.

Alpine S-S69C

If you want to buy yourself a great pair of 6×9 component speakers that are affordable and sound great for the money you should try the Alpine S-S69C. These speakers have carbon fiber plastic woofer cones supported by multi roll rubber surround for a clearer sound. The silk dome tweeters with the crossover deliver great details for the instruments. The Alpine S-S69C is capable of delivering an RMS power of 85 watts and a peak power of 260 watts with 90 dB sensitivity and a frequency response on 65Hz-22kHz.

Alpine R-S69

If you’re looking for a great pair of speakers to upgrade your current ones then the R-S69 might be the speakers you are searching for. These speakers are a bit pricier but offer great specs and sound for the money. These speakers are designed to deliver strong bass thanks to the multi layer hybrid fiber woofer cones. These cones are supported by Santoprene rubber surround for a better sound imaging. The 1’’ silk dome tweeters help to deliver crisp highs. These speakers deliver 100 watts RMS power,60Hz-29kHz, 90 dB sensitivity which is impressive.

Alpine X-S69C

If you’re not afraid of spending some serious cash on a pair of high end component system then you could try the Alpine –S69C.  These speakers are incredibly expensive so if you are serious enough for your sound quality you should try them. These were designed for audiophiles who want a premium sound in their car. The nano fiber woofers supported by multi roll surround deliver strong bass. The upper frequencies are deliver by a 1 inch carbon graphite dome tweeters.  They can deliver up to 120 watts RMS power with 89 dB sensitivity.

Alpine S-S65C

Alpine has many pairs of affordable speakers to choose from and the S-S65C is one popular choice. This is a 6.5 component speaker system. These speakers have similar specs like their full range brothers the S-S65 mentioned in this article. They have carbon fiber-reinforced plastic woofer supported by rubber surround with silk dome tweeters that deliver a sensitivity rating of 88 dB, 80 watts RMS power and a frequency response 70 Hz-22kHz. If you would like to get yourself a component system then consider these.

Alpine R-S65C

If you are a serious audiophile and don’t mind spending some cash on one of the best speakers, then the Alpine R-S65C is serious choice.  The hybrid fiber woofer cone supported by multi roll rubber surround increase the cone’s movement for powerful bass. These speakers deliver quality highs with details, depth thanks to the 1’’ silk tweeters.  Because these are component speakers they come with external crossovers. These speakers deliver 100 watts RMS power with 300 watts peak power, 88 dB sensitivity and a frequency response of 65Hz-29kHz.  

Alpine S-S65

The most popular car speakers from Alpine are the S-S65. These are 6.5 full range speakers which are very good for the price and performance. These were designed to offer quality without costing and arm and a leg. If you’re looking for a great pair of speakers to replace your factory ones and get a different level of sound in your car check out these. The S-S65 come equipped with carbon fiber reinforced plastic woofer cones supported by rubber surround and the silk dome tweeters help the speakers deliver all the details of the instruments. You can put the tweeters towards you for a better sound imaging. These can boast 80 watts of RMS power with 240 watts peak power and a frequency response of 70Hz-22kHz.  If you want to get yourself a pair of affordable aftermarket speakers then consider buying these.

Alpine SPE-6000

The Alpine SPE-6000 is a pair of budget speakers that will enhance your sound quality without costing a lot. These speakers have a perfect balance between performance and price. These speakers come with silk dome tweeters with mica injected polypropylene woofer cones backed by rubber surround which will deliver a level of sound quality that factory speakers are not capable of producing.  These speakers are capable of delivering 60 watts of RMS power with 240 watts peak power. These speakers are quite powerful and your car audio system will sound different with these installed. They will work just fine with your factory car stereo but if you want to get the most out of them then you will need to hook them to an external amp or a powerful aftermarket receiver. With 88.5 dB sensitivity rating and 68Hz-22kHz frequency response these are more than enough for your needs.

Alpine X-S65

When it comes to buying quality car speakers for your car you don’t have to buy the most expensive ones to get the best sound. You can find great products at any price, but every now and then you want to skip the budget speakers and get some that deliver the greatest performance. That’s why you should check the Alpine X-S65 speakers. A thing to mention is that the Alpine X-S65 speakers belong to the X-series which is Alpine top line speakers. These speakers are more expensive than the R-series but offer better performance. These speakers were designed especially for audiophiles. They are equipped with nano fiber woofers supported by multi roll surround and carbon graphite dome tweeters. These can deliver 110 watts RMS power with 330 watts peak power, 55Hz-50kHz frequency response and 89 dB sensitivity rating. If you’re a serious audiophile that listens to different types of music then you will be impressed by the frequency range. Be aware if you’re thinking of buying these know that they are super expensive.