Top 8 Best 4×10 Speakers Reviews

If you want to have the best stereo system in your car the first thing you should do is to replace your factory speakers with aftermarket ones. This is the best choice if you want to improve your sound quality. With a pair of quality aftermarket car speakers, you will be able to enjoy high details that you normally won’t hear with your factory speakers.  On our site, we reviewed many car speakers like best 6×8 speakers, best 4×6 speakers but in this article, we tried to review some of the best 4×10 speakers on the market.  In our list, we tried to include only the top 4×10 speakers.  Read our article and you will find a speaker that fits your budget.

Best 4×10 speakers reviews

Kenwood KFC-415C

The Kenwood KFC-415C are some of the best 4×10 speakers that Kenwood has to offer.  These speakers were designed by the Kenwood engineers to be some of the best picks for many people. Although their small size these are able to deliver great highs and mids. If you want serious bass these speakers are not for you although you could buy a subwoofer for that heavy bass that you want. Considering their size these are delivering more than enough for their price. These 4×10 speakers from Kenwood feature injection-molded poly woofer, balanced dome tweeter with foam surround. These small speakers are capable of delivering up to 91 dB sensitivity and 40 watts RMS with 160 watts Peak Power. You can power them with factory radio and will sound great or even an aftermarket stereo but for the best performance, you should connect them to an external amplifier.

Pioneer TS-A4103

The best 4×10 car speakers from Pioneer have to be the TS-A4103. These are designed to have a great build quality with great sound quality and a reasonable price.  The TS-A4103 are 2-way speakers capable of delivering 91 dB sensitivity rating with 35 watts RMS power and 120 watts Peak power making them some of the most powerful speakers in this category. The TS-A4103 has been designed to be a quality replacement for the factory speakers.  The woofer cones are made from injection-molded polypropylene which is capable of delivering crisp sound and paper cone tweeters. Like with most small-sized speakers these also lack in terms of bass but you can always buy a subwoofer.

Kicker 44KSC41004

A pair of 4×10 speakers from Kicker that have a reasonable price and some great features is the 44KSC41004. These are capable of delivering 75 watts peak power with an 88 dB sensitivity rating. The speakers have polypropylene woofer cones that are supported by durable rubber surround for a greater sonic experience.  The ½ silk dome tweeter delivers great instrumental details and has a low mounting profile allowing these to be mounted in any car. Like many speakers of this size, the only problem is the lack of bass.  If you’re thinking of upgrading your car speakers I recommend these.

Cerwin Vega Mobile H7410

The Cerwin Vega company has been on the market for more than 60 years and produces audio types of equipment. A great alternative to factory speakers is the Cerwin Vega H7410 which is a high-grade pair of speakers that are capable of delivering 100 watts RMS power and 640 Peak power and rubber surround which protects the injected reinforce spun cones. Also, these have 1-inch black polypropylene dome tweeters with 93 dB sensitivity and a frequency range of 75Hz-20kHz. These also lack in terms of bass but you can always buy a subwoofer.  Because they have a high sensitivity you can connect them to your factory radio and they will sound great.

Planet Audio TRQ413

One of the cheapest 4×10 speakers on the market and a brand that we haven’t put that much attention is the Planet Audio TRQ413. If you’re searching for a pair of 4×10 car speakers that aren’t expensive but sound decent you should consider buying these. The black poly injection woofer cones which backed by rubber surround and aluminum Mylar cone tweeters deliver an outstanding sound quality.  The TRQ413 are 3-way speakers with 86 dB and 100 watts RMS power.

Pyle PLG41.3

If you want a brand that offers speakers with a friendly budget take a look at the Pyle PLG41.3.  The PLG41.3 is a pair of 4×10 car speakers that were designed to be a great option for factory speakers replacement. Don’t expect powerful bass and beefy highs but these are great for upgrading stock speakers. The yellow poly injected cones are supported by not fatiguing butyl rubber surround with ½ inch neodymium dome tweeters. These have a three-way design with 150 watts RMS power and 300 watts Peak power with 60Hz-22KHz frequency response.

Memphis Audio PRX410

If you want to have quality sound in your car and you are willing to spend some money than the Memphis Audio PRX410 is a pair of 4×10 speakers that you want to own. These have been designed to have a strong built quality and the polypropylene woofers supported by polyurethane surround deliver incredible sound. The PEI dome tweeters feature a multi-direction pivot system helping you to create the best soundstage inside your car. These are powerful speakers capable of delivering 50 watts RMS power with 100 watts Peak power and 89 dB sensitivity rating and 120 Hz frequency response.

BOSS Audio CH4330

The BOSS Audio CH4330 is a budget-friendly pair of 4×10 speakers perfect for those that have a strict budget and want some quality without spending too much money. These offer a 90 dB sensitivity rating with 200 watts RMS power and 100Hz-18kHz frequency response. These speakers have a 3-way design with poly injected woofer cones supported by rubber surround, polyimide dome midrange drivers, tweeters, 1-inch temperature aluminum voice coils which together help to deliver quality sound. The only downside of these speakers is the fact that they have a limited frequency response. Also don’t expect powerful bass from these 4×10 speakers if you connect them to your factory radio.

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