8 Best JBL Speakers For Your Car

If you ever wanted high-end quality speakers for your car you may consider JBL. The JBL company has been on the market for some time and over the years has made some awesome products.  Through the years JBL has mastered the art of producing quality products.  Through the years JBL has produced many audio products from quality car speakers, portable Bluetooth speakers to audio home systems, and has always kept a high level of quality.  The JBL company offers a wide range of car speakers at different prices. In this article, we will try to review some JBL car speakers on the market, their performances, the prices, and finally which one is the best for your car. Keep in mind that cheaper JBL models will not have the same sound quality as their expensive siblings. The rule of thumbs is the pricier it is the better the sound. Next, we will try to review some JBL car speakers for you.

The JBL car speakers are divided into three main categories: Stadium Series, Club Series, Stage Series.

JBL Stadium Series

The Stadium series tends to be JBL’s best class of speakers that are made especially for audiophiles. The speakers from this series are expensive but their level of audio quality is top-notch. The JBL Stadium series is equipped with 2 ohms configuration which helps the woofer to extract every watt and to deliver outstanding performance.  The crossovers are equipped with soft dome tweeters that provide an awesome experience at high volume levels.

JBL Stage Series

The Stage speakers are a bit more affordable than Stadium but still offer a great audio quality in your car. The polypropylene woofers deliver strong bass with midrange frequencies. The Stage speakers were designed by the engineers from JBL to have a great sound and great price. You can find them both component speakers and coaxial speakers.

JBL Club Series

The speakers in this category were designed to be a proper upgrade for your car factory speakers. For the money, these are great with a sound quality that is perfect for listening to radio, favorite songs, etc.  Their compact design makes them ideal to be installed in most cars. These come with rugged polypropylene cones and PEI dome tweeters.

Best JBL Car Speakers Reviews

JBL Stage 9603

If you’re looking for a set of affordable 6×9 speakers that are within your budget you should consider getting the JBL Stage 9603. These are 3 way speakers that are designed in such a way to deliver sound and make you happy with your purchase.  These come equipped with injection molded polypropylene woofers for a nice low end punch. The woofer cones are backed by rubber surround for increased performance.  The highs are delivered by the balanced dome tweeters and the fact that these are 3 way they have a piezoelectric super tweeter for higher details in your music. These deliver 92 db sensitivity with 45Hz-20kHz frequency response and 70 watts RMS power.  If you want to get the best out of these you may want to consider connecting them to a car subwoofer.


If you don’t mind spending some cash to get a high end set of 6×9 speakers then the JBL GTO939 is perfect for you.  These speakers seem to be preferred by a lot of people thanks to their carbon injected woofers and the edge-driven silk dome tweeters. Their incredible performance is delivered by 100 watts of RMS Power with a peak power of 300 watts, 94 dB sensitivity rating and 46Hz-21kHz frequency response.  If you’re a serious audiophile then these are great for you because they will enhance your system with quality sound.  These speakers may cost a lot but if you can afford them you should buy them.

JBL Club 9600C

If you’re looking for a pair of speakers that have great features and won’t break the bank you should try the JBL Club 9600C. The speakers were designed by JBL to be an affordable replacement for your factory speakers.   For the price these speakers have decent bass, quality mids and great highs.  These speakers were designed to deliver quality crystal clear sound even at high volume.  These are equipped with UV-resistant polypropylene woofers protected by hi-roll surround and edge-driven soft dome tweeters. These are 6×9 component speakers that have an RMS power of 90 watts and 270 peak power with a frequency response of 50Hz-20kHz.

JBL Stadium GTO620

The JBL GTO620 is a premium choice for anyone that wants impressive sound quality and great specs.  These are premium coaxial speakers that are very well engineered and you will immediately notice a difference in sound quality. These are made with quality components like oversized voice coils with extra cooper and hefty magnets. These also come with glass fiber woofer cones supported by a rubber surround.  The speakers can deliver 75 watts RMS power and 225 watts peak power. These have a lot of power and their sound quality is crystal clear.  Because the high sensitivity you can power them without a problem with a factory or aftermarket radio but for the best results you should connect them to an external amp.

JBL Stage 600C

The JBL Stage 600C speakers are perfect for people that want a great pair of component speakers but have a limited budget. The JBL Stage 600C comes equipped with 6-1/2’’ polypropylene woofer cones supported by rubber surround and PEI balanced dome tweeters with crossovers to really enhance your music. These can pack a serious amount of RMS power of 50 watts and a max power of 150 watts and for a boost in sound quality you can connect them to an aftermarket amp. Thanks to their high sensitivity rating of 90dB you can easily connect them with a factory radio.


The JBL GTO609C is a pair of premium 6.5 component speakers. These come equipped with carbon injected Plus One woofer cones with rubber surround and edge-driven silk dome tweeters. One thing to mention here is the fact that because these are component speakers they come with external crossovers which makes them a bit more powerful than the JBL GTO629. The JBL GTO609C is capable of 100 watts RMS power and 240 watts max power with a frequency response of 45Hz-25kHz and a sensitivity rating of 93 dB. For the best performance it is recommended to connect these to an external amp but they will work well with your factory headunit thanks to their sensitivity rating.


The JBL GTO629 speakers are well known for their price and their performance. These premium coaxial speakers are specially designed for audiophiles that want to have a great sound from their speakers. The carbon injected Plus One woofer cones and hi-roll butyl rubber surround help them the speakers to deliver excellent sound quality. For a better bass response, these use edge-driven silk dome tweeters for an excellent performance. For better sound imaging the tweeters use the UniPivot design. Another great feature these have is the fact that you can adjust the tweeter output level from 0 to 3dB. The JBL GTO629 can deliver 60 watts RMS power and 180 watts max power, 50Hz-21kHz frequency response and 93 dB sensitivity rating.


Some of the best 6.5 coaxial car speakers in the market from JBL is the CLUB6520. These are a great upgrade for your factory speakers. With the UV resistant polypropylene woofers which are acoustically damped and backed by rubber surround deliver outstanding performance even in the harshest conditions. The PEI tweeters deliver a rich sound experience allowing you to enjoy details that your old speakers couldn’t deliver. The JBL CLUB6520 has an RMS power of 50 watts and a sensitivity rating of 92 dB and a frequency response of 50Hz-20kHz.  If you want to upgrade your stock speakers you may consider these.